Saturday, December 12, 2009

Malayalam Christmas devotional / Carol songs mp3 free download

Hi all,

Here is a few collection of Malayalam Christmas carol / devotional songs enjoy

1) Paithalam_yesuve


3)/Ezhunnallunu raajavezunnallinnu

4) Rathri_Rathri

5) kaval Malagamare

6) Malagamaarude Bhasayarinjalum

7) Doore Ninnum

8) Kaali thozhuthil pirannavane

9) Kathukale kelkkunnuvo

10) Deivaputhran pirannu

11) Devivam pirakkunu

12) Alakadalum kuliralaum malarnirayum

13) Bethlahemil Ravil

14) Bhoomikku Pulakam

15) Vaanil Sangeetham

16) Vidarnnitunna Punchiri

17)X'mas anannu

18) X'mas Ravananjna neram

19) Rajavin Rajavezhunnallunu

20) Tharakale

21)Thumbappoopolulla thingal kurunne

23) Unaroo manase

24) Unni Yesu Piranna Rathri

25) Puzhakale Sadaram

26) Pulkootil vazhunna

27) Paril Pirannu Devan

28) Patiraavil

29) Ponnu meera Kundirikkam

30) Poonthennal

31 Merry X3 Xmas

32) nirmala sumame

33) Malakhavrindam niranju

34) Manjupothiyunna

35) Manninum Poovinum

36) Malakhamar Paadi

37) Kulir Choodum

I will be posting more as i finish uploading files .. reply or request any specific songs that you need..

Thank you
Clain D'silva


  1. Dear friend, very very thanks. After a long search, i found sneha deepika from your blog. God bless you. My orkut name: Michael Rajesh id

  2. Dear Friend, I can't download only one song Kulir Choodum.mp3. please send me to my mail immediately. Thank you.

  3. Kulir koodum downloaded. not needed to send. thank. Do you have the tamil version of the album "Sneha Suda"?

  4. Hi I will try to get Sneha sudha in Tamil for you.. Rajesh

  5. Thanks Dsilva, did you find Sneha sudha in Tamil?

    Bank Of Songs

  6. do you have the song version of the malayalam litany? starting "karthave kaniyaname"?

  7. Dennis,
    I do have that and i will upload soon... I am in a tour.. i will come back to hometown and upload it for you ina couple of days

  8. Michel i do have the tamil version.. will upload in a couple of fays

  9. not able to downlaod any songs..please help

  10. Please post the song 'Bethlahemile oru pulthozhuthitha.....' and thanks alot for all other songs........

  11. If possible, please post "mangiyoranthi vellichathil"